SR3 RSX 1500cc Nearly New

Price: £62000

SR3 RSX 1500cc Nearly New

I am selling a nearly new (only 17 hours used from new last April) in immaculate condition with nearly every possible extra.

•RPE-Suzuki Generation 3 1500cc 4-cylinder DOHC engine with 24v starting.

•Pneumatic paddle-activated gear shift with auto-blipper.

•Full RSX bodywork with front and rear LED lights.

•Carbon-composite high-down force bi-plane rear wing.

•High down force front and rear diffusers.

•Le Mans-style carbon-composite rear view mirrors.

•280mm x 25mm front floating disc brakes.

•280mm x 25mm rear floating disc brakes.

•Triple-adjustable Intrax dampers.

•Air jack system.

•Race logger/dash - AIM LCD, 8mb memory, 8 configurable inputs, G-sensor & brake pressure logging.

•AIM SmartyCam system.

•FIA-specification 77-litre fuel cell.

•Forward-facing stay head protectors.

•Electrically-activated Zero 360 fire extinguisher system.

•Passenger seatbelts.

•Brake pressure sensors.

•The car has red gel coat bodywork which is presently vinyl wrapped in silver.

•Only 17hrs from new.


Please contact Lee on 0802 954 2401 or 07970 712147


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