Full Set of Four Bolt 13" CXRs with Wets SOLD SOLD VIA ROC

Price: £600

I doubt you'll find a better set anywhere! Not to be confused with the usual tatty set of ropey, banged about and abused wheels with hard old rubber with about two nerve wracking laps left in them!
Silver Compomotive 7" & 9" CXR2s with genuine Radical Dunlop Wets, latest tread pattern.
Wheels are in truly excellent condition, with original glossy lacquer coating - not refurbished (nor cleaned with a brillo pad like a lot of racers seem to do!) The tyre edges inside the wheel have the usual inevitable little marks resultant of tyres being changed, but externally, their appearance is genuinely superb - only one rear wheel has a little chip (paint only, see photo) but this could be easily remedied in no time at all with a careful bit of touching up.
Tyres (175/535R13 Front & 205/570R13 Rear) are as new, just nicely and evenly scrubbed in only.
Fronts are CXR2-1370 ET0 and Rears are CXR2-1390 ET-24. I think the offsets on the rears are a teeny more aggressive than the standard factory offerings (ET-20 from memory), but they were absolutely fine on the SR4 i.e. no bodywork / tyre rubbing contact issues whatsoever and I think the return edges on the SR4 are relatively wide compared to such as Clubbies, Prosports etc. Therefore I envisage they would be equally suitable for those models.
All properly balanced, complete with fresh stubby valves, absolutely ready to go.
Bought new (inc VAT exc delivery, wheels from Compomotive just under £590, tyres from Radical just over £750 - I find it shall we just say 'surprising' that a set of consumable tyres is considerably more expensive than a set of wheels that can last indefinitely, but perhaps that's just me!), this set of wheels and tyres would cost around £1350 including VAT, excluding delivery, plus fitment, so as usual, despite their excellent, to all intents and purposes as new condition, I am offering these at comfortably under half price.
VAT not applicable, collect, handover by mutual agreement or alternatively, delivery at buyer's additional cost. In the event of the latter, do remember that a full set of tyred wheels is bulky and darn heavy!
Email or call me on my mobile, 07801 562882


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