All Carbon Rear Bi-Plane SOLD VIA ROC

Price: £750

All Carbon Rear Bi-Plane
Fairly described by someone who really wanted it but couldn't persuade his co-pilot to make his contribution as "The Dog's Bollocks". In my four words, "as new & top notch".
Genuinely as new, used only once (never vinyled, so no 'ghosts') all carbon rear bi-plane. Main plane and winglet both OEM manufactured, then built up by same using 5mm gauge carbon end plates to match. Used once on an SR4, but believed that therefore it will be equally suitable for both a be-winged Clubbie, a Prosport and/or a PR6.
Approximate dimensions are as follows >
Overall Width - 1563mm
Wing Support Frame Bracket to Bracket Face Fixing Width - 561mm
Main Plane Depth - 244mm
Winglet Depth - 98mm
I reckon the same bought from Radical would cost (wait for it, ye gods, strewth!) at least circa £1600 inc VAT; just the two wing parts appear to total £1200 exc VAT, £1400 inc VAT and that is without the carbon end plates which were certainly not cheap. So I'll call it £1600 from Radical, therefore under half-price from me.
VAT not applicable, collect, handover by mutual agreement or alternatively, delivery at buyer's addional cost. In the event of the latter, it may be best to flat-pack - it's easy enough to put back together ............ even I could do it!
Email or call me on my mobile, 07801 562882


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