SR3 Rear Dry Slicks: 2 For 1 Bargain! SOLD SOLD VIA ROC

Price: £250

SR3 Rear Dry Slicks: 2 For 1 Bargain!
Still banded and stickered unused pair of genuine Radical Dunlop SR3 Rear Dry Slicks; properly dark and ventilated stored, so nice and fresh.
235/605R16s, so intended for SR3s with 9.5" rear wheels - that said, the effective tread width is actually only 20mm less than the tread width of the 265/605R16s for the 10.5" rear wheels.
These tyres no longer appear on Radical's Online Shop, but the last time they did, I recollect that they were either the same price or perhaps a tenner less than the 265s, which currently display as £228.42 plus VAT plus delivery, so either way my asking price of £250 (no VAT, collect, handover elsewhere mutually convenient by arrangement or alternatively delivery at buyer's additional cost) represents better than 2 for 1 compared to that source.
No offers / Will not split.
Email me or contact me on my mobile: 07801 562882


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