Radical SR4 (ROC Member Owner) - SOLD VIA ROC

Price: £15995

Regrettably, due to ongoing personal and work commitments, my carefully made plans to do further trackdays and indeed, actually go racing in 2010 in my ‘spot on’ SR4 (since buying it, running it and constantly improving it over about the last 15 months) have been totally frustrated. Therefore, rather than letting it stand still doing virtually nothing for what is likely to be at least a year (what an utter waste of a Radical that would be), I have reluctantly decided to sell it.

Here are the details >

Chassis Number SR4 00004
ZZR1200 Powertec Engine.
Rosso Red (resprayed to match to provide immaculate bodywork)
Race Exhaust
Digital Dash

Standard Radical OEM Spec plus the following >

Upgraded to full 2006 Model High Downforce Aero Spec.
Image Three Piece Centre Lock Wheels with Dry Slicks.
Driver* & Passenger Race Harness Set.
Carbon Brake Cooling Ducts
Pedal Box Splash Cover

*NB Having expired at the end of 2009, the Driver’s Belts will need replacing for MSA competition use.

Recent New Parts & Work >

New Quick Release Race Type Steering Wheel Race Type.
Discs And Pads.
Geometry Set-Up.
Gearbox Overhaul At Powertec Radical.
New Rear Downforce Diffuser: although OK, the one it came with was too tatty for my high standards.

The car has always been meticulously well maintained during my ownership and I have kept a comprehensive folder of invoices etc for all the work i.e. parts (all genuine Radical) and maintenance, that I have had carried out.

Additional Parts & Tools >
Full Set of Wet Tyres On Image Three Piece Wheels.
Full Set of Spare Dry Slicks On Image Three Piece Wheels.
Various Optional Rear Sprockets.
Track Day Silencer (as successfully used at notoriously demanding Bedford)
Car Cover
Cordless Centre Lock Wheel Impact Gun.
Quick Lift Jack.

Price >

£15,995 SOLD

Trailer >
Although I am more than happy to keep it (ROC are convinced that I will find myself having to be back in a Radical asap and they could well be proved right ‘in due course’, as an SR3 RS just like theirs would be supremely hard to resist!), I am prepared to make my top spec Brian James RS5 Race Shuttle available at extra cost as part of a ‘package deal’ negotiation, for example, for someone who is getting into Radicals for the first time.
Chris Preen


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