Schroth Pro 30 Degrees Medium Hans: New & Unused SOLD VIA ROC

Price: £750

Top of the range, ‘The Full Monty’: Carbon Pro weighing only 640g, Size Medium (collar size 15 – 18”) Bought Brand New from Demon Tweeks in early 2011, tried for size at home only, never actually been used – been in its box ever since (see later).
Comes complete with all its original parts and bits i.e. box, cloth protective bag, sliding tethers, CD, stickers etc.
Genuine Sale: 30 degree is the right one for 99% of Radical Pilots and guess what, similarly long lanky and spider-like thin Will and I are both in that 1% that it doesn’t suit!
Last weekend, I checked out the ‘usual suspects’ (Demon Tweeks, MSAR & Rallynuts) and if ordered from them today, including VAT & delivery, it would cost you approx £1022, £968 and £889 respectively.
So, a worthwhile saving of at least something like near enough £150, but it’s obviously not cheap; but then again, the best and ‘as new’ is never going to be and as they say ‘What’s your neck (possibly your mobility) worth?’
Trev: 07801 562882, or obviously feel free to PM me.


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