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28th September 2016

It must have stopped raining at some point on Saturday’s Race Day, but I must admit I don’t actually remember when! Maybe the fact that on the Bikesports Facebook Page there as many photos taken inside the garages as outside on the track perhaps suggests that my recollection might not be that far off the mark.  Anyway, Rockingham is certainly not my most favourite place to be on a torridly rainy day when that extremely grippy/ tyre eatingly abrasive surface in the dry seems to turn Rockingham instantly into one of the most slippery tracks known to man. A dry Friday Test Day and a similarly dry Sunday Race Day for others the following day might well have favoured the PR6s, but it was soon evident in qualifying that the very wet Saturday was a great day to be in a Class A SR3 or Spire GT3 with their impressive level of aero downforce and associated grip. Well Folks, that’s motor racing, some you win, some you lose.

And talking about winners, a very special mention for novice cross bearing Chris Preen who took full advantage of his SR3’s wet weather attributes to take the top step in both races, especially given a very impressive margin in Race Two. Well Done Chris; after awarding you the Driver of The Day Award at your debut Silverstone Round, James Breakell and I are both pretty proud of our apparent ability to spot genuine driving talent for the future!

Here’s the Race Report courtesy once again of Josh Barrett for the words and Aaron Lupton for the photos, both kindly supplied as usual via James Winstanley of 750 Motor Club.




The penultimate meeting of the 2016 ROC Bikesports Championship took place at the Rockingham Motor Speedway and with series leader Joe Stables a no-show, it gave the opportunity for Will Brown (Radical PR6) and Phil Knibb (Radical SR3) to take an advantage.



Race One


Surprise pole man in the wet was Richard Hardie (Radical SR3), although a sluggish start in the opening race followed by an off at Deene allowed Phil Knibb to lead. An early red flag however was needed as Will Brown pirouetted his Radical PR6 into the barriers on the exit of Gracelands. Chris Preen (Radical SR3) made the most of the restart by heading the pack chased by Phil Knibb until he made a mistake at the Brook Chicane, which allowed Chris Preen to pull away and take his first victory, beating Phil Knibb by 1.5 seconds. Adrian Reynard (Radical SR3) held off the recovering Hardie to take third.


Race Two


Richard Hardie led the early stages of race two on a slightly drier but still ever slippery track. Chris Preen pounced at Brook on lap three to take the lead. He went on to make it a double victory, beating Richard Hardie by an incredible 30 seconds. Richard Wise took third in his Spire. Robert Gardiner (Spire GT3) took a pair of Class D wins, while Doug Carter (Radical PR6) won the second race in Class B, no class runners having made it to the end of the earlier race.


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The ROC Bikesports Championship now moves swiftly onto the two final races at Donington Park on the GP Circuit on Sunday 2nd October. Despite his retirement in Race Two, Phil Knibb heads there in his Radical SR3 with a 13 point advantage over Joe Stables, with Will Brown (both in their respective  PR6s)  just a further two points back in the overall standings. Richard Wise, Adrian Reynard and Phil Cooper all still in with a mathematical chance of taking the title.

Full results from Rockingham, as well as championship positions and photos from across the weekend can be found here on 750MC’s website:

Full Results:

Championship Points Table:


The Driver of The Day Award (yet again kindly donated by Rock Oil via the ever-enthusiastic and always helpful Neil Cox of Corinium Motorsport) was deservedly awarded to Richard Hardie for his outstanding and exceedingly rapid ‘regenmeister-level’ performance in the wet. Fantastic job Richard – but no, as much as it would suit your talents, we don’t want it to pee-down at every round in 2017!

There was a brand new award which made its first ever appearance at Rockingham. The ‘Tool(s?) Of The Day’ Award was given to Acea Webb and Dan Phillips of RLM and Alex Heavens for the overnight removal, rebuild and reinstallation of the motor in Phil Knibb's SR3 which started misbehaving on the Friday Test  Day. Playing no small part in the hard graft (I think they eventually finished about 4.00am!) was also James Breakell himself, so well done to all four of you guys, an epic performance all round. Pitching in is just what ROC Bikesports is all about!

We are very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as humanly possible at Donington on Sunday 2 October 2016 which is now actually less than half a flipping week away!  Trev is late again, in fact later than ever.  Typical! Doh!


ROC General Dogsbody #No Mark

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