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4th September 2016

SSSilverstone? Seriously Special Silverstone!

Firstly, shock, horror, wow, Super Tim in his Super Spire no longer holds every recent Bikesports Lap Record! Secondly in the Race that actually saw that new Lap Record set, PR6s (Radical’s now obsolete model)  took all three podium places, proving beyond any doubt (not that there was much anyway – just ask the likes of Radical Heroes such as Nigel Greensall and Jonathan Wright) that the PR6 remains Radical’s finest ever clubman creation despite a virtually entire lack of development over its near decade-long production period.

Here’s the Race Report courtesy this time  of Josh Barrett (for the words) and Jon Elsey (for  the photos), both kindly supplied as usual via James Winstanley of 750 Motor Club.


Joe Stables was the star of rounds nine and ten of the ROC Bikesports Championship as he took both victories at Silverstone aboard his Radical PR6.

Race One 

Rain prior to the opening race made setup choice difficult. Adrian Reynard’s Radical SR3 blasted off the line and the former European Formula Ford 2000 champion led by the time the cars got to Village, despite only starting ninth. Joe Stables made his move on lap four though and pulled out a 22 second margin by the end of the race.

Adrian Reynard kept a gap to Phil Cooper (Radical PR6), who claimed the battle for third. He got ahead of the Elite Motorsport run PR6 of Will Brown, who was struggling with horrific understeer on old tyres. Will Brown also fell behind championship hopeful Phil Knibb (Radical SR3) and Mike Davis (Radical PR6) despite some late braking into Vale.

Race Two 

Phil Knibb led the early stages of race two but spun out of the race on the second tour, gifting Joe Stables the victory. Joe Stables had to keep an eye on Will Brown though – who was only five seconds back at the flag. Mike Davis claimed third, after passing the Spire of Richard Wise on the final lap. Adrian Reynard chased Richard Wise to the line but couldn’t find a way past.

Overall victories also meant two Class B wins for Joe Stables – with Phil Cooper, Mike Davis and Will Brown also claiming class podiums. Adrian Reynard and Richard Wise took a Class A win apiece with Phil Knibb, Jason Rishover (Radical SR3) and Chris Preen (Radical SR3) finishing on the class podium. Robert Gardiner’s Spire took two Class D victories.

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The ROC Bikesport Championship now moves swiftly onto Rockingham on 11th August, and you can find and download full results from Silverstone on the 750 Motor Club website, as well as championship positions and photos from across the weekend: 

Full Results:

Championship Points Table:


The Driver of The Day Award (yet again kindly donated by Rock Oil via the ever-enthusiastic and always helpful Neil Cox of Corinium Motorsport) was awarded to Chris Preen on the basis of James Breakell’s and my joint decision that he thoroughly deserved it after making one of the most impressive rookie debuts in Bikesports that either of us have seen for a very long time; qualifying 7th, finishing 8th in Race One and 7th in Race Two which might well have been higher had he not sprung a coolant leak (the car not him!) in the closing couple of laps. Well Done Chris, Great To Have You Onboard!

I’d like to take the opportunity to mention a few things. Firstly, Josh Barrett’s observation that Will’s diabolical understeer/front end washout that all could see was because I sent Will out on old tyres in Race One. Actually, I sent him out on relatively new tyres, the problem being that they had simply been heat-cycled far too many times, so we now know that when these Pirellis go off, it’s like they’ve fallen off the edge of a cliff; either way, my fault, so it’s a fair cop Guv! Secondly, those lap times in Race 2 by Will and Joe which eventually resulted in Joe now holding a superb new lap record; let’s not forget that both broke the Lap Record for all classes in Bikesports, bettering the best times previously set by the likes of Super Tim in the Super Spire last year and Rob Wheldon (in an SR3), who was not so long ago, the default Radical Works Driver and still competing in the likes of Supercar Cup etc. I reckon it’s a pretty impressive when a couple of Clubmen (Joe of tender years and Will of very little seat-time) can go round somewhere like Silverstone International as quickly as a couple of pros with years and years of experience and very large amounts of regular seat time. Well Done Joe! and Well Done Will!. And also, Well Done Mike (Davis)! for making it an all PR6 podium in Race Two .......... just when Radical thought they’d managed to manoeuvre those embarrassingly fast (but cheaper than an SR3) PR6s out of the limelight, up pops that pesky Devil’s Child again! Love It! And finally, a mention for Phil Knibb who had a wheel collapse when leading Race Two, with both Joe and Will getting a birds-eye view of a somewhat gripping ensuing series of spins. It certainly looked scary from where Will was sitting (I think Will half expected to see the aftermath of a BTM ‘BrownTrouser Moment’) so he checked down with Phil after and was amazed by how totally unfazed by it Phil appeared to be. Respect Phil! That said it does underline the importance of getting those three piece composite wheels (such as Image) appropriately checked out and specialist maintained. Whilst they are much stronger than those ‘Not Made In England’ one piece cast jobbies that Radicals come with nowadays, they are not a fit and forget forever item!

We are very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as humanly possible at Rockingham on Saturday 10 September 2016 which is now actually less than a flipping week away!  Trev is late again. Doh!


ROC General Dogsbody #No Mark

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