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13th April 2016

With the Brands Indy Round about a week and a half away now, the answer is 'Not A Lot'! And in a couple of days time, the answer could be 'Sorry, None'!>

Whilst the 'Use For All Classes' Entry Form might suggest a higher figure, the maximum permitted number of cars on the grid for the Indy Round of the ROC Bikesports Championship is 30No. If one adds the fully confirmed and paid up entries to the subject to payment provisional entries, so far we have a total of some 25No entries i.e. potentially only 5No spaces may be available, which is great news if you one of those who have completed their entry, less so if you haven't.

So, let's be having your entries asap please guys:

The Entry Form can be dowloaded here:

Giles and Nicky can be contacted at 750 Motor Club's Dony HQ on 01332 814548 / to process your entries.


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