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20th December 2015

Hi All!

Great News!

As you may already have read on the 750 Motor Club's website and/or picked up on various Twitter and Facebook pages, ROC is delighted to confirm that we will be in partnership with the 750 Motor Club for next year's Bikesports Championship, to be titled as the ROC Bikesports Championship.

As Trev is quoted as saying in 750 Motor Club's press release (,radical-owners-club-to-partner-with-bikesports-championship_311.htm ) “We are delighted to be partnering with our longstanding friends at the 750 Motor Club for the 750MC ROC Bikesports Championship. In 2015 we launched the ROC Challenge Race Series, which aimed not only to complement Bikesports as a multi-make race series, but also to widen the types of cars which would be able to participate whilst serving the interests of the genuine privateer racer with limited time and budget. As was to be expected in its inaugural year, ROC Challenge was very successful in some respects and less so in others.

“The goal for 2016 is to carry forward and develop the many positives that ROC Challenge has established. Since 750 Motor Club are deservedly well established as ‘the home of affordable motorsport,’ this looks certain to be achieved by ourselves partnering with them and their longstanding Bikesports formula; easily the most competitive and best established bike-engined sports prototype racing championship in the UK. The 750MC ROC Bikesports Championship will offer both more rounds and more classes, greater value for money, camaraderie and media coverage whilst building the largest bike-engined grids in the UK. Our organisations are very like-minded; very much pro multi-manufacturer racing, encouraging of individuality and focused upon looking after like-minded Clubman racers irrespective of the particular make of car”

The ROC Bikesports Championship season will consist of 14 rounds at seven double-header meetings in the provisional 750 Motor Club 2016 calendar, opening at Oulton Park on 2nd April. A copy of the Provisional Calendar is attached.

Longstanding and extremely hardworking Formula Rep James Breakell and Trev and myself here at ROC will be working in close collaboration with Giles Groombridge at 750 Motor Club.

For more information see and or of course feel free to call or message Trev and/or myself here.

Roll On 2016 - I dare say that just like me you just can't wait! At least there's Autosport to look forward to just after Christmas! More news on that shortly!

Best Wishes



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