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30th June 2015

Our Donington Round is fast approaching and it's now little more than a week away!

Many sports prototype racers (quite rightly in our view) regard Donington as quite simply the jewel in the crown as far as top notch circuits for downforce cars go; fast, flowing, plenty of elevation changes and yes indeed, the always awesome and legendary Craner Curves.

So please do come and join us, as it's shaping up to be a fantastic day: the grid is looking set to be encouraging in terms of both numbers and quality (cars and drivers) and both races are scheduled to be broadcast live on Motors TV. Then there's value for money; £370 for those with BARC Racing Membership, plus another £30 for a weekend membership for those that are not. As usual, no VAT and cost effective stuff like pump fuel rather than high cost racing fuel and qualifying and both races on the one day.

If you haven't already entered, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible to sort out your entry, by emailing us on 

Look forward to hearing from you and even better, seeing you on the grid on the day!

Best Regards





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