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18th April 2015

ROC is delighted to re-affirm the following two Genuine Clubman oriented Customer Initiatives:

Firstly, one is of course alert to the fact that there is a Radical Race Event (Sprint and Enduro) at Rockingham the weekend immediately before our own Inaugural Round at Rockingham on 30 May 2015. It is possible that some of you may be holding back on entering the ROCC's Rockingham Round until you know you and your car have made it safely through the Radical Race Event i.e. perhaps you’re wondering/pondering/worrying that your financial outlay for your ROC Challenge Entry could potentially be at risk, potentially through no fault of your own? No worries!: ROC is delighted to confirm that if you incur appreciable mechanical and/or accidental damage at the Radical Race Event Round that subsequently prevents you running at ROC Challenge’s Rockingham Inaugural Round the following weekend, then providing you apprise BARC of your inability to compete, the entry fee will be carried/transferred forward as a credit against  any of the remaining four 2015 ROCC Rounds or refunded whichever is your preference I.e. that way, booking our Rockingham prior to Radical's Rockingham actually running does not put your ROCC Entry money at risk as such.

Secondly, those ridiculously closely packed standing start grids that some Race Series Organisers seem to choose or allow to be imposed upon us Clubmen, frequently at our cost? Like many others (look on YouTube you’ll find numerous examples of aero cars easily enough) our own car has been on the receiving end of this – as it happens last year at Snetterton with its relatively narrow start grid and a ‘hard against the track’ concrete pit wall that leaves nowhere to go. So what can be done to help solve/mitigate that problem? Easy, don't have ridiculously closely standing start grids, therefore ROC Challenge won't have them!; our standing start grids will be generously spaced in order to reduce the chances of contact by maximising the chances of avoidance should a car stall.

Just like 'you know who' says, ROC Says ‘Every Little Helps’ 


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